2013-08-12 inbjuden till Northern Seas Film Forum

2013-08-15 John Bauer-Bergakungen har nominerats för att diskutera samproduktion.

John Bauer – The Mountain King is selected for the NSFF co-production market. Saint-Petersburg (September 15-17) to present the project . … ”

2013-09-26 Artikel i Newsvoice Börje Peratt planerar långfilmsprojekt om John Bauer – St Petersburg, Ryssland

En reaktion på ”Nyheter

  1. Kommentarer från deltagare på NSFF

    Tysk filmkonsulent:

    Dear Börje,

    thank you very much for presenting and sharing your project THE MOUNTAIN KING with me during Northern Seas Film Forum in St. Petersburg.

    The atmosphere you are describing – especially when the somewhat magically enriched nature is being felt – will cater for a very special world, full of fantasy and hard on reality at the same time; I would really like to see these images brought to life, while telling a very unique, but at the same time very universal human love story. Despite its setting in the early 20th century, the story based on two strong characters fighting to bring together their worlds to be able to be together can in its core also be translated to today’s world demanding geographical and cultural flexibility on an individual basis.

    Wishing you and the further steps of the project all the best, and I’d be happy to hear about its further development.

    Best regards,


    Holländsk producent:

    Dear Borje,

    I was thrilled about the presentation of your challenging project.
    The way you can wave between the beautifull pictures and the story of the lives of those two artist is really poetic.
    I can hardly wait for the realisation, but I know I have to wait.
    If there is anything that I can do to make this dream-project to come alive, please let me know.
    As producer in Holland I can bring you a minority help with support from the Dutch Filmfund. And postproduction with taxshelter in Belgium is also possible.
    Please be open to let you help and make this project concrete.

    I would love to suggest a director, although you only want to think of bankable names at this moment.
    Please start to find a writer, and let your baby grow up with other people who love your project. Sharing is the timespirit this moment!

    I wish you good luck and a flying start,

    Kind regards,


    Rysk medarbetare på Nordic Seas Film Forum

    Dear Borje,

    This incredible Romantic drama about Swedish genius John Bauer may be not just interesting because of having palpitating plot, but also for some educational purposes. Life stories of artists are always really interesting and exciting. After watching this movie people want to learn something new and became better.

    I wish you all the best and great luck!



    Rumänsk producent

    A very interesting proposition coming from the author/director Borje Peratt which will definitely serve to promote the culture and the values of the Swedish Nation abroad. As a foreign audience I am interested in discovering the specific elements of the regions and countries with which I am not have been in direct contact. It is a love story, a human story with a transnational appeal that deserves to be made. I am confident that Borje will obtain the necessary financial support to produce the film as he is a determined professional, very loyal to his chosen themes. With all the co-production possibilities coming from Romania, we are standing by to support his project.




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